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Back Door Into

A Guide to Becoming Initiated into the Mysteries. Available in Paperback or Kindle

Warning: this Book Contains Spiritual Insights that are thought-provoking & outside-the-box for most people. Those who aren't already advanced meditation practitioners may have difficulty understanding this book. Future book releases will be targeting a more general audience of readers without any watering down of the contents.

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Back Door Into Hermetics

“Back Door Into Hermetics” is a groundbreaking work in spiritual development. A spiritual successor to the late mystic Franz Bardon’s book, “Initiation Into Hermetics.” Back Door Into Hermetics is a comprehensive description of the metaphysical principles necessary to attain liberation and freedom, along with detailing immediate steps to accelerate spiritual development. This monumental volume treats spiritual growth with a comprehensive depth that is unique in works of this nature. Back Door Into Hermetics draws upon much-coveted, “closed-door” insider’s information to provide a roadmap toward the soul’s ultimate desired destination.

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