Working On

Work Projects:

  • Mystery College Online Learning Platform, hosting over 2000 lectures on meditation, spirituality, & internal martial arts. We are using gamification & variety to make meditation fun. Last year we had 1000 lectures, now we have 2000+! 

  • Using the PARA method (Project, Area, Resource, Archive) method of personal organization, inspired by Tiago Forte (still a work in progress. Currently using Thomas Frank’s Ultimate Brain Notion Template to organize my digital/work life… Along with Google Suite) 

  • In Phnom Penh, Cambodia from Sept 2022 to-May 2023

  • A short documentary project on cutting-edge novel approaches to wide-scale prevention of infectious diseases & future pandemics post-covid with my brother, Ben Sievers. 

  • Currently researching & exploring opportunities & unmet needs in the B2B space in Biotechnology, current SAAS products

Learning Projects:

  • I am currently (Jan 2023) going through a 60-day mnemonics training program. 

  • Additionally, I am learning touch typing at the moment through Typing Club. Started (Dec 2022) . I started at 40wpm, and several weeks in I am at 60+ wpm. My target goal is to touch type 100+ wpm in the next 12 weeks (March-April 2023)

  • I am Going through a year-long, 5x a week bodybuilder program with my fitness trainer, Tim O’ Brian (Oct 2022-Oct-2023) 

  • Still learning how to effectively time-block using Google Calendar and integrating Notion into the mix

  • Using Focusmate to have a “body double”  to increase productivity and to finish more of the daily processes & tasks that I generally dislike. 

Coming Soon...

  • New online courses on Business, Work Communication Skills, Leadership & and Mindfulness practices

  • Developing a publishing press for authors of various specialties to create & distribute non-fiction books & accompanying courses 

  • Working on new books based on what I am learned with my meditation teachers (Update: Jan 2023, Three Book Drafts completed, now just need to go through the revision process….) 

  • Potential SAAS startup in development based on helping connect late stage cancer patients with biotechs running clinical trials for targeted treatments.