The Pursuit of a Vocation as a Living vs. “Work”

Now, my path is unusual in that I cannot for the life of me chase dollar signs, even when I could’ve retired early. Like many Gen Z’ers and Millenials, I care about having an “impact” and making a difference in people’s lives. And like many people from my generation, I am precariously picky about the mediums these come across.

So here is the big question in my current vocational project–– 

Am I making a living doing mediation?


But so far, the materials I’ve created & published out of it have brought in recurring pocket money. This could be scaled into something far more substantial in the long run.

Here’s a fact: We need people to be mailmen, truckers, and work in technical specialties, such as doctors, nurses, and lawyers. But does everybody, need to have jobs that are necessary for the bare functioning of society? 

Of course not!

If society was a big bowl of curry, most people are going to need to be either rice or gravy. But there is plenty of room for you to be a hot pepper if you’ve got the spice tolerance!

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