Opportunities come like water, serendipity happens once in a lifetime

Opportunities are always available. But true serendipity demands our fullest attention when it arises. The magnitude of serendipity can shift our life path forever. Years back, I learned that one of my online heroes was interested in having a protege to train & eventually run his business. I wasn’t looking for work at the time & was pursuing independent hustles. bu  I knew serendipity had struck and I couldn’t pass this opportunity. I trained friends & family to speak on camera in my video studio as a hobby.  I loved to boost their self-image as thought leaders, storytellers & online educators. I never dreamed this could be monetized.  I got so excited, that a glass of water had fallen & broke from the front of my desk. Pumped with adrenaline, I ran to my studio overtaken by the need to seize the moment. Instead of sending him a resume, I sent him a video introduction. I took  12 takes and sent him the best one. after reviewing them within the hour. Walking back to my desk full of glass shards, I found an email in my inbox…

Since then, I became a Media Trainer for Presidents of multinational companies. I worked with my favorite NGOs and representatives of the United Nations.

And then fate struck me once again with crypto. I was choosen as a fellow for Metapurse, the world’s largest digital art fund & purchaser of Beeple’s $69 million dollars digital painting, 5000 Days. In collaboration with the Nas Academy & Metapurse, I was paid to create crypto videos. I traveled all across Europe and created videos with Some of the most innovative companies in Web 3.0.  

Most recently, Serendipity happened through an opportunity to apprentice my mediation teacher full-time.

And now, I can say that I have never been happier & more challenged to grow.

If I had stuck with a single opportunity versus followed serendipity, I wouldn’t have had nearly the amount of growth.

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