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You’ve Read Backdoor into Hermetics: So what are the next steps?

If you are seeing this page, then you’ve purchased a copy of Backdoor into Hermetics! It’s likely you are looking for additional content or the printouts of the mental, astral, & physical mindmaps.

If you want the printouts, go to & go to the “downloads” page. You will need an account at the mystery college to download them. They are 100% free & will show as being “$0.00” dollars. Click on “purchase,” & then the checkout page will show that they are free to download.

If you want the most in-depth Hermetic content publicly available, check out the Mystery College site. There are 1000s of exclusive lectures on Hermetics, western esoterics, mindfulness & Chi Kung. It is one of the largest schools in the world on the topic.

The mystery college has forums, community, books, blog posts, and tons of extras!